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VoliBox™ Hygienic Toilet Cleaner

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♦ Easy to clean  

♦ Foldable & rotatable head for cleaning difficult corners

♦ Infused with cleanser

♦ Smell refreshing after cleaning

♦ Stop germs/bacteria growing

♦ Can also use for cleaning the toilet seat

You Need to Change Your Toilet Brush Now!

Introducing VoliBox™ Hygienic Toilet Cleaner


The foldable, rotatable sponge helps to clean the corners, gaps & difficult areas effortlessly.

No More Germ/Bacteria

Simply throw it away after using it. Leave no hidden germs/bacteria growing.

Infused with Cleanser

The cleaning pad is infused with antibacterial cleanser, makes it easy to clean & leaves the room refreshed

No stain Can survive!

The foldable sponge brush head rotates 360°, helping you to clean all corners, gaps and difficult areas effortlessly.

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