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VoliBox™ Dash Cam

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Drive with Confidence with Dash Cam - Your Trusted Eye on the Road!

Dash Cam is the ultimate solution for drivers who want to capture every detail of their journey, ensuring they have evidence in case of an accident. With its powerful 5 million pixel camera and 720p resolution, Dash Cam provides high-quality recording of your drive, while its 6 infrared lights automatically adjust to poor lighting conditions, providing clear and detailed footage at all times.

  • Crystal Clear Footage with Instant Replay

    With full HD recording and 5 million pixel camera, Dash Cam captures every detail of your drive, ensuring that you have clear evidence in case of an accident. With the instant replay feature, you can instantly review footage to see if you did something wrong, if you were at fault in an accident, or if your kids were doing something wrong in the back seat.

  • Night Vision & Image Stabilization

    With its curvature light design and additional pointer light feature, Dash Cam provides a fully lit area in front of you, making it ideal for drivers who frequently travel at night. Also, enjoy automatic adjustment for brightness and image stabilization, ensuring that you have clear footage in any lighting condition.

  • Continuous & Automatic Emergency Recording

    Dash Cam keeps a loop, ensuring that it continuously records whenever you are driving, so you never miss a moment on the road. With the built-in G-sensor, Dash Cam automatically saves emergency videos and locks them to prevent overwriting, ensuring that you never lose important footage.

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Product Information

Material: Chemical Fiber
Color: Grey
Size: 40×60 cm (Thickened Memory Foam)

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